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Wish for a more sophisticated reaction commerce plugin


Bee Knees an the Hydrotik Plugin are the only examples how to build a plugin. Somehow a more sophisticated example how to make custom plugins with their own static pages and include them into a custom navigation bar would be nice. Also the example Plugin doesn’t show how to use the translations.
I built a complete page, with it’s own payment process and it’s own translations, which I am migrating to a reaction plugin, because reaction commerce brings all the features I need. I wanna have my own Footer and Navigationbar with my own content. Around 10 Pages and 6 custom Mongo collections.

Would there be a possibility for serious support? Screensessions wich would give me a bit of a boost to built my plugin? Of course I am willing to pay for it.


The only plugin that i found (but not working on RC 1.4), check


@josx & @jakudaba any success on more plugin examples? I would love to see some too.


We are hard at work on a new plugin that I think should satisfy most people’s needs for a more sophisticated and realistic plugin example. Stay tuned for an announcement shortly


I had really limited time to migrate an existing app into reaction commerce. With the really slow roundtrips of meteor, even on my brand new mac book pro, I had no nerves to figure out how to develop my own:

  • Navigation
  • Additional Tables
  • Custom User Profile
  • Custom Workflow which uses the payment Api of Reactioncommerce
  • Custom start page

I really like the way reaction is build up. Just meteor takes so long to refresh a big app as reaction.
It would be cool if we could limit meteors file scanner to the folders which in fact we really edit, so meteor would refresh faster.

If I could hire @brent to help me to Kickstart the plugins I need, that would be great.


Yes, performance (both first load and developer restart) are an issue. We have an issue here that we will be working on soon. Also the release of Meteor 1.6 support (which is probably only hours away) should help.

I think this new plugin will address most of the elements you are talking about there and more but it’s probably going to be a month or so before it’s complete.

I’m not available but there are a couple of freelance developer around who specialize in RC development. You may want to consider posting in the Jobs post for someone to help you out who has already figured these issues out. I specifically know of @loanlaux who is doing this sort of work.


Can I get a sneak peak.


Has the new plugin example been finished?


No, but it should be in the next week or so. You can follow progress here


Just took a look and I have to say it looks awesome!