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Why not speakingurl?


Hello, @aaronjudd, yesterday I found out what package we are using for transliteration transliteration weighs 298KB!! minified instead of speakingurl 13.1KB.

Why we are not using speakingurl? Have you had any problems with it?


speaking url doesn’t (or didn’t) work for Chinese, and there were a few other languages that did not work. We originally did use speaking url, and maintained this package I believe this issue is what caused the switch:


Looks like speakingurl will not go to support Chinese. Aaron how do you think is there a chances to see speakingurl for client side + limax for server side or it sounds too complicated for you and doesn’t have sense?


both speakingurl and transliteration export the function getSlug - they’re compatible. We could wrap them as two different packages and move the require to the app level, so that you could easily swap out the slug package if necessary. with modules it’s probably even more straightforward to make switch them.