Why did Reaction decide to build on top of Meteor?


I’m asking this question to make a better decision about reactioncommerce vs other robust ecommerce frameworks such as Spree commerce or Magento.

Meteor’s clear advantages are that it’s utilizing DDP and you can easily build server-side as well as client-side that share lots of business logic, etc…

But there are so many uncertainties that comes along with “sticking” to Meteor -

  1. Only MongoDB is supported
  2. Scaling is a problem, especially on the DDP level
  3. Out of the box, meteor isn’t API ready, it’s basically a simple client to db connection
  4. Meteor

I really like Reaction’s developer community and it’s cadence, but it’s hard to get “sold on it” based on the issues mentioned above.

pls convince me!



Reaction Commerce is working to create GraphQL API which means we can use any DB. Same is true with Meteor (using Apollo).

Secondly, Reaction Commerce is moving away from Meteor bit by bit.


instead of meteor what it will use in future, it is reactjs fully or change to some other


Please check https://github.com/reactioncommerce/reaction-next-starterkit - Next.js, GraphQL, React is the plan for storefront :smile:


doesn’t really help - still heavily uses Meteorjs


In what way does it use Meteor?


the whole GraphQL component is just relating MeteorJS


GraphQL (https://graphql.org) is 100% independent from Meteor. Like React, Angular, Vue.js are 100% independent from Meteor.Meteor uses these technologies - but they are not dependent or part of Meteor.