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Which front-end framework libraries for theme?



I am a excited new user of RC.

My question:

  • Can I use any front-end framework library to build my theme or install a fully ready-built theme in RC?
  • For example, can I use ReactJS or AngularJS etc.? How to go about implementing that and what to consider?

Any recommendations are much appreciated.

Thank you.


I´m with you! Also new with reaction and love it. Would like some advice with what you are asking.


We are in the process of converting our app to React. You will want to use React for your theme. While you theoretically could use Angular, you won’t be able to take advantage of our components.


So, I understand that already implemented React components are mid-way to a future full React theming?
If so, that would be great, meanwhile, any advice in overriding those files that are already there? I´d like to customize the NavBar and don’t want to mess anything.


We are currently working on a new API that will allow you to override any individual component. Standby for another week or so and we should have something. In the meantime, the customization guide covers how to override layouts and templates


whats the social settings for, where does the social settings component show, what pages? I would like to use the social settings to fill a href attribute, on my customized home page?


Hi @stuntjiturner - The Social Settings options add social media sharing icon buttons to each Product on the Product Detail Page. More details here:

You can test out the social media buttons by looking at our sample site: and clicking the Twitter icon button.


Where is the source code for the swag shop does it use the components API being used in development

S. Tunji Turner


Hi @stunjiturner - always runs the master branch, so the components API is NOT being used yet. It will be once the next release is out.


Sounds like it should become possible to also use inferno, even maybe by using viewmodel atop

I guess in the end, if one isn’t planing on going global but just stays in markets where there are proper and fast new handhelds then React is just fine. Otherwise e.g. emerging markets with not so fast and brand new handheld hardware, there’s a reason (speed) to go with inferno over anything else.