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Where can I buy themes


Hello everybodys,
I would like to know if there is a place where I can buy or find some themes ?
Or do we have to build a new theme from scratch ?
Thanks in advance,


Reaction Commerce doesn’t revolve around the concept of themes as a solution like WordPress would. It’s an e-commerce engine built for the medium-enterprise market, and it differentiates itself by giving you total freedom over your project.

Companies that use Reaction Commerce typically have a development team in-house and very specific business requirements. Pre-made themes won’t work for this type of use-case, hence why there is no theme market for Reaction.

Instead, Reaction Commerce features a GraphQL API that you can consume from any client. A client could be storefront, and it could be based off their Next.js starterkit, which is intended to be a boilerplate for developers to base their work on.

If the Next.js storefront is too far from your vision, you are free to consume the GraphQL API from any technology and any context. Angular.js, React.js outside of Next.js, a native mobile app or even a Next.js project built from scratch. You are entirely free to decide.

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Thank you very much for your response!
Unfortunately, I asked this question to go faster with the design of my marketplace project…
So, I will learn how works GraphQL… for now, I am a bit confusing with the technologie used by reaction-commerce…