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Warn Reaction: No shopId waiting for one second


Hello, on running reaction in a directory with newly installed reaction commerce, I’m getting this warning, “Warn Reaction: No shopId waiting for one second” over and over again.

I’m on windows 10 and using reaction commerce 1.11.0 and meteor 1.6.0.

I’m not sure what caused this issue and help will be greatly appreciated!


Did you ever solve this? I’m getting the same thing but only when I build the docker image myself.


In case it helps anyone else, I got mine to work with two undocumented steps:

  1. Create private/settings/reaction.json (which I’m not sure matters)
  2. Stop passing the SKIP_FIXTURES environment variable (I’m using .env), which seeds the database with test data when reaction first runs.

These steps came from the Configuration docs.