Using an IDE to develop Meteor sites. Recommendations?


I currently use WebStorm IDE which I like and has a lot of great features. But what are other people using that they like? Atom? Sublime? Vim?


I’m currently using Atom and have been since I switched from Sublime a little over a year ago. It’s got all of the features that I currently want including:

  • File and Project ES6 Linting
  • Project-wide autocomplete
  • Meteor helpers and snippets
  • Blaze / LESS / ES6 / BASH etc. syntax highlighting

Haven’t used WebStorm since I quit my Java life, so I don’t really know what I’m missing I guess. What do you features like about WebStorm?


A lot of it is just that I worked in Java, Python, Erlang, some Android development, and NodeJS/Meteor so I get to keep all the keyboard shortcuts I have learned without having to switch IDE’s (it’s basically the same product with different plugins). I had been working the Python/Django for the last few years and it has a lot of features for Django (project creation, built in test runners).

Mostly I like that it just works. I don’t need to fiddle with it. The inspections and code-completion are amazing and some of the plug-ins (like the one I use for MarkDown) are great.

But except for being used to it, I am not sure it offers a huge advantage over Atom (the rest of the RC team uses Atom).

I do feel a little bit better knowing my main tool is a commercial product that only makes programming tools, so I am less likely to get screwed by some change in direction later on.


Maybe off-subject but can I use jade instead of Meteor for templating with RC?


It would appear you can. There are a couple of packages on Atmosphere that say they add Jade compatibility. Just search Atmosphere for Jade. BTW the Meteor template language is called Spacebars so you will see references to that.


I use Cloud 9 IDE. I used the Reaction CLI to init but C9 requires apps to run on ports 8080, 8081 or 8082 and reaction run -p 8080 stalled everytime but meteor run -p 8080 did the trick also after setting some env vars:

Recently acquired by Amazon, C9 is a full blown Ubuntu terminal in the cloud. I’ve been using it as my main IDE for a couple years now and I’m happy The SSH Workspaces are my favorite feature so far.


@mikeumus, After setting what env vars?


I’m using Visual Studio Code with the plugins: vscode-meteor + meteorhelper (and some others that you can find in this gist.

It gives you syntax highlighting, code completion, search scopes, common meteor cli tasks, and run meteor / tests with one click.


I checked and I just had these:

# Meteor Settings
# export    MONGO_URL="mongodb://"
export PORT=8080


I use IntelliJ Idea because I often program in Java as well. Tried some lightweight Editors Sublime, Brackets, Atom. They are great but I didn’t got happy with it. I am so used to the InelliJ Keyboard Shortcuts and all the great plugins. In the end it is a matter of taste. IntelliJ can just do more overall for the cost of a running cooling fan and here and there some input lags while typing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you can consider development tools as an extension of an IDE, I can recommend looking into Meteor Toys - they should work great with Reaction Commerce, and if not, I would be happy to change that :slight_smile:

Additionally, the new Meteor Candy (production admin panel) doubles as a development tool, by allowing quick and easy impersonation of user accounts.


I prefer to use Codelobster IDE with special MeteorJS plug-in


better use VS-Code