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Uploading Layout with an HTML Template



First of all i must clarify that i’m pretty new not only in Reaction Commerce, also in web development, after about 9 years in Business Intelligence i am expanding mi knowledge to this area, so i apologize for my rookie questions and maybe my poor knowing in some basic concepts.

So far i have read plenty of times the Reaction Documentation as well as other pages in the topic, i learned that we have plugins that can override the Core Layout of Reaction, that those plugins can call Layouts and Themes that make that task. I have been able to install plugins, i was even able to install and modify the reaction-swag-shop plugin(very nice by the way). I tried to buy Faraday and Curie templates, didn’t have any luck because the stores are not implemented yet and the contact mails never replied.

My question is what is the better way to insert a HTML5 or a Boostrap Template in the Front end of my Reaction Commerce Site? I understand that i must make a plugin to do that task with the proper structure(register.js, client and server folders with the defualt.js and index.js) and customize a template but, is the /client/templates/layouts/core.js the right place to call an index.html?

Thanks in advance for any tip.