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The «» website is poorly indexed by Google




Did you have a question as I am not sure what you are attempting to say here.


Well, I’m not sure what you’re expecting when searching a common English phrase across the entire internet that has nothing to do with Reaction. What about that phrase did you think would suggest to Google that you’re wanting to search the Reaction docs?

I recommend a more useful search. First, you definitely want to specify the site: directive in your search. Then search for something specific instead of copying a phrase you’re already looking at.

For example, components

Not only is that the most accurate possible suggestion from the entire docs site, it also even maps the result to the original source code in our git repo. Not sure it gets much better than that.


Is is just propositional calculus.

  1. The phrase is present in ⇒ it should be indexed by Google.
  2. Google is unable to find the phrase in entire Internet ⇒ Google is unable to find the phrase in
  3. Draw the conclusion in my topic’s title with 1 and 2.


Dmitry is right, this is how google works.

If you search for the phrase “This funny tag syntax is neither a string nor HTML.” in google :“This+funny+tag+syntax+is+neither+a+string+nor+HTML.”&oq=“This+funny+tag+syntax+is+neither+a+string+nor+HTML.” , the first link is the react documentation page where this sentence exists ( Despite having no “react” or “jsx” in it.

=> The react documentation is properly indexed.

=> Reaction commerce documentation… a bit less.

When you look at the source of this page : , there is not much to index.

But the search engine in the docs works pretty well. So… That’s ok I guess.