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Taxes: Sales tax calculation (specifically for CA)


Hello. I have a client based in California and we are looking at how to approach what is probably the most complicated sales tax rules in US. The short of it is that there is a base rate of 7.5% but it varies based on City / Zip.

During my initial research came across an API purporting to help with just that:

On the milestones ( Taxes are described but without a mention of planned API integrations. Taking CA sales tax as an example, it seems far too labor intensive to enter the Sales tax rates for 500 plus zones by hand.

I assume existing eCommerce solutions approach this with an API integration?

Is there a roadmap for Reaction regarding this?

Any guidance would be appreciated!



Hey Owen,

Yes, I am super aware of the challenges of CA tax rules, as I managed an eCommerce company out of LA for about eight years.

We will probably have a couple of packages for taxes like we will for Shipping and like we already do with Payment Providers. One will be a simple flat-rate tax by geo and one will probably be an integration with a service like you are speaking of (similar to our plans to integrate with Shippo for shipping).

Expect more concrete details by the end of the week.


Hey Brent,

Thanks for the reply. My client is also out of LA and I have had them running on Shopify for the past 4 years. They are onboard with Reaction for their relaunch on one hand because of the possibilities for story-telling and content integration into the e-commerce experience which I can build into Reaction. On the other hand they are equally concerned about the shop administrator capabilities and day-to-day business procedures.

Very curious to hear more of the planned integration and if at all possible what release it may fall under. On the short term, it would be great to look into the service provider options you are considering for the integration!

Thanks again.



We’re starting work on with a goal for a 0.14 release. I’m thinking flat rates + the TaxCloud service for the US should be the initial functionality.