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Tax settings for product not updating


Are you running the latest version? 3.4
Did you search the issue queue for existing issue?

Issue Description

I am trying to update the tax settings for products. When I update the tax settings they appear to be set but when I leave the product and come back the settings are gone.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Login to Reaction Admin
  2. Navigate to Settings>Taxes
  3. Add a new custom tax rate with:
    a. rate of 15
    b. country to New Zealand
    c. tax code to Taxable (RC_Tax)
  4. Set primary tax service and fallback tax service to custom rates
  5. Navigate to Products and choose a published product
  6. In each variant and option of the product:
    a. Turn on Item is taxable
    b. Set Tax Code to Taxable (RC_Tax)
    c. Set Tax description to GST
  7. Click Publish
  8. Navigate away from the variant or option and come back.

The tax settings have reset

If I query GraphQL with the anonymousCartByCartIdQuery with the taxSummary returns (address on Cart set to an New Zealand address):

Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 11.56.57 AM

showing that the tax is being calculated but at a 0 rate

Issue no longer a problem in 3.6

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