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State of marketplace addons


Hey I was wondering what is the current state of the marketplace addons and what does it entail?

I am looking to build a two sided marketplace similar to say airbnb or fiver. Not exactly similar but works in the same way in that users can post their own products to sell. What is the current state of the marketplace feature? Will it allow for a use case like this? And what is the current time line? I’m seeing a few pull requests for this feature so it seems like maybe it’ll be added to atleast the development branch within a few weeks?


Yes, Marketplace features are rapidly evolving and I think you can expect to have some sort of Marketplace featureset available within the next release or so (although possibly not before RC1).

The best way to keep up to date is to subscribe to the repo and watch PRs/discussions here. Everything is done in the open here.

There is also a Marketplace channel in our Gitter chat room.



The link you provided for “Marketplace channel” is broken. Is there another forum focused on Reaction Commerce Marketplace issues?