[SOLVED] Unable to start reaction in windows


I am trying to setup source code on windows and executed ‘reaction’ on command prompt after reaction init. I had some suggestion on missing modules and I added those modules.After all modules installation following error is coming. Please help


I commented the code in …/font.less

// Font Awesome

// Font files are transferred to /public/fonts in package.json postinstall script
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/variables.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/mixins.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/core.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/larger.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/fixed-width.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/list.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/bordered-pulled.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/animated.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/rotated-flipped.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/stacked.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/icons.less”;
//@import “{}/node_modules/font-awesome/less/screen-reader.less”;

Then I got following error.


I tried to install bcrypt, following error is coming.


You definitely shouldn’t have to do any of those steps. Do you have all of the required Windows build tools installed? Looks to me like most or all of the npm dependencies didn’t install when you ran reaction init.

Try installing this:

npm i -g windows-build-tools

# More info: github.com/felixrieseberg/windows-build-tools

Then run reaction init again in a fresh directory.


Thanks Jeremy. Its worked great.
How can I place my local app installed in windows to my production server which is Centos? and I want to point to a domain. Provide me the steps or a link to deploy/setup production server.


The recommended method to deploy Reaction is with Docker.


Once you have everything installed, you can follow these deployment instructions…


Also, here’s a gist that has only the commands for all of those build/deployment steps. It’s using Digital Ocean as an example deployment destination, but you could use any method supported by Docker Machine.