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From Bolivia, a small Country in south america:

Official Samsung online store in Bolivia, the Galaxy S8 pre-orders will be launched in this web page late April, simultaneously with other countries all over the world.



Some others that have been previously posted:

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They all seem extremly fast inside, but first load is awful long, much longer than common Woo. So does my fresh ReactionCommerce demo


Dynamic module loading is coming in the next couple of Reaction releases… Meteor 1.5 has been released with support for this and we’re beginning to implement this now.
The production bundle is currently 5MB -> so by loads slow -> it’s really just the time to load this bundle (once for the entire application). Should be able to get in the 1-2MB range pretty easily now, over the next few releases.


getoutfitted closed shop, literally.

And mcew seems to be using shopify now.


That last one, artlimes, is awesome and seems like have had a lot of work on it, that´s really the kind of aproach i´d want to give to my project


Hi, how do you do the loading screen icon?


Some new Reaction built shops lately:


There are plenty stores with RC, It is nice.
Anyone wants to share the source code, because lot of people need examples to build their own ecommerce.


Reaction is still pretty slow, enough to seriously think about the impact on the customer.

If you go to almost any React store, it takes about 15-20sec to get the first page loaded. Everything from there is great, but unfortunately once the user is waiting for more than 4 seconds, it is highly possible that we won’t get them to wait that much.


I totally agree! The idea of NodeJS is for everything to be blazing fast and when it is being let down by slow UI it is a massive disappointment. Hopefully, this will be solved in the future. I thought I found the platform I needed but it turns out to have too much of a negative impact on the users shopping experience. I guess I will have to work from scratch or create a PHP site for my platform.


I also totally agree!

We’re beginning a full quarter+ of performance focused improvements. Starting with Node 8 and Meteor 1.6, and beginning to work on loading the admin modules on demand. Additionally, we’re working on finishing the conversion from blaze to react. There’s a lot of re-rendering and other bad behavior going on right now in the React components, so we’ll be focusing on getting them tuned and more anonymous/generic in their implementations so that we can also optionally peel off the client components from the admin functionality and run them separately with just a graphql (or ddp) data layer. We’re also going to be breaking out some of the packages that are non essential into their own packages and improving the package loading / import processes .

Many of these issues are marked “pull-request-encouraged” and “perfomance” in our issues if you want to get involved or just follow progress.

Ideas to improve initial page loading time and performance in general

And here is another shop:


Looks Pretty cool.Have you guys done lot of customization in terms of template?


Hi, thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:
I’m the dev of the shop at

There were many changes related both to the template and the structure behind it, e.g. I needed to create a PDP that separates different kinds of options that are all related to one variant. The price calculation and the product image also behave completely different, as their output is generated out of a selection of multiple variants and values. The price gets calculated twice, once clientside to have it display fast, then serverside when the selecion is added to cart in order to be safe against clientside modifications.

The admin view also needed several modifications in order to have an ui to create these kind of variants and new attributes.


For more examples of live sites using Reaction Commerce, visit our community showcase page.

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