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Server Specification


Hello All,

I would like to know the server specification for running the reaction commerce. When I try to install the reaction commerce on our cloud server, it is ended up like the below screenshot,

Not sure that the exact problem is due to the server specifications however, I am not able to find the documentation for the server specifications needed for reaction commerce. It was fine when I tried to install it on my local server and now the problem is only with the cloud server. So the reason I am suspecting some missing configurations with the cloud server.

Below the spec of the server which I am facing the problem,
Ubuntu : 16.0.4
RAM : 1 GB
HD : 20 GB

Could anyone please help me out to setup the reaction commerce on my cloud server.

Thanks in advance!


We’ve run Reaction on smaller instances than this, although I might recommend adding more RAM. I’ve not seen that specific error before, I’d also check that the instance has enough disk space to download all the packages.


It looks like what’s happening is that the OOM killer is killing the build process even before it starts running the server. More memory is always a good thing, but you could also build on another machine and then just deploy the built files. Look in the documentation for the meteor build command.