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SEO / Server Side Rendering


I have noticed that most websites on the showcase page:

Don’t have Server Side Rendering enabled, does anybody know how well those websites are performing when it comes to SEO?

Can Google find the individual pages for every product on the website?

I found an issue on the feature request github, but it seems to be abandoned?

Does anybody have experience with Reaction Commerce and SEO ?

Thank You

Hi @Werkstraat! Welcome to the Reaction Commerce community.

This issue was related to the old, Meteor-only architecture. As of now, the example storefront has SSR built-in by default as it’s running on Next.js. It should perform very well both in terms of SEO and end-user experience.

If you need any help to better understand Reaction’s architecture, or to answer any technical question related to your own project, don’t hesitate to reach out!