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Selling Reaction as PaaS, and Rancher


Something I was preparing to cook up was a way for reaction to trigger an emission into rabbitMQ to set off the sequence of events @aaronjudd described in todays CC. In preparation for that I got a reactioncommerce demo submitted into the rancher community templates
and I’ve been taking it further to use my own custom builds
which lead to my NFS bottleneck (using the rancher-NFS driver), so I now call out to an external mongoDB stack

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the above and if there were any components likely already written to accomplish your own PaaS.

Horizontal Scaling and AB testing

expounding upon this further, I also forked the rabbit examples, dockerized them and made a rancher template and got that submitted into the commnunity catalog.

Toying around with that and rabbitMQ, I’m thinking of using the receiving logs by topic example. I could build a generic dashboard that would allow someone to add a rabbitMQ destination host, and have a bunch of checkboxes for which event hook to spawn messsages with and an optional extra payload line (I think this would really be the only reaction component necessary).

When the hook fires off a message would be inserted into the Q and a CI machine of some sort would receive it and begin the chain of events possibly firing off more messages to other consumers as the chain progresses through various stages (perhaps creating LDAP accounts or other methods for the person to have control of their new instance in some control panel somewhere).


The logging/queuing part of your experiment is really interesting.

We worked closely with the Rancher team for a while, but never got around to adding a Reaction catalog entry, so :+1:

This is an approach that I was considering, although I was looking at some other tools, I’m interested to see how this could work.