Seeking Collaborator / Tutor and Potential Co-Founder


I am on the hunt for a JavaScript developer to act as both tutor and co-founder for some ideas that i have in the hospitality and wine industries here in Australia and potentially overseas; the outcome of which will be the creation of technologies and companies here in Australia and in SE Asia for both wine and restaurant experience sales.

I am a Business Developer / Systems Analyst, however have a software background before moving into sales; and ran a software development company for some time with solutions spanning CRM, loyalty, membership, e-commerce and POS solutions, etc.

I’m keen to learn JavaScript and Reaction Commerce to better fully understand my technology stack requirements for my ideas, which revolve around wine tasting notes / product data and the multi-lingual translation of these; the syndication of this content through many website front-ends (iFrame or plugin?); purchasing feeding back to multi-vendor solution (am currently investigating CS Cart MV for this, but understand Reaction Commerce has this on the roadmap); as well as loyalty and a variety of other requirements.

Please message me if you’re interested. Thanks!