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Scalability questions


Can somebody help to give some insights into what’s the max number of concurrent users Reaction could handle, let’s say during a Black Friday peak or so?

What would be the latencies, how to scale horizontally if needed?


I’d say deploy instances with 4GB of RAM minimum. The Reaction team recommends 2GB, but I’ve personally always used 4. Horizontal scaling is done in a pretty standard way. Set up a load balancer with Nginx or equivalent, deploy your Docker containers and voilà. You might want to set up an auto-scaling mechanism as well if you’re really intending on using Reaction during important peak periods.

I’ve recently deployed Reaction on 8 instances, along with a 3 node MongoDB replica set. With this set up, I’m not sure I can give any specific figures in terms of maximum concurrent users, but it’d be pretty comfortable for
a medium traffic website.