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Running more than one shop


One of the most-requested, and most asked about features is multi-tenancy. That is, the ability to host more than one store within your Reaction install. While Reaction was built to be multi-tenant from the start, there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of making this usable for the different use cases that people have.

So let’s discuss it here and talk about how we would like to see this implemented.


Brent. I’m a newbie in meteor. Is there anyway to make Reaction work for marketplace use cases?


Well, the answer is yes and no. Reaction was built to support multiple shops from the beginning. The schema supports tying almost anything to particular shop.

What that means is that you don’t need to get way deep inside the internals of Reaction to make it work.


We have not really made a lot of changes to the front-end that you one might need to make it work in a “marketplace” scenario. And part of the challenge there is that there are many, many ways that this might get implemented (is this an Etsy-style marketplace or an Amazon-style marketplace, or something else?). So it’s difficult to make this something where it would fit every use case.

So if your question, “will Reaction work Out-Of-The-Box for a marketplace?” I think the answer is no. But if you watch what other people are doing people are building marketplaces on Reaction so it can be done (and I think Reaction is a good platform for doing it)


any examples of people building marketplaces on reaction?


Take a look at one user is doing:

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As I can see in the docs, the option to create several shops do exist:

Would it be possible to allow certain users to create their own store? I mean, not straight away, but would it be feasible to create these functionalities in a package (or module) without clashing with the current Reaction architecture.


Yes, at least one user that I know of it already doing this. And enabling this sort of Etsy/Amazon marketplace model is definitely on our roadmap.

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Do you know who is he/she? So I can check which approach is taking?


It’s this user here: I don’t think everything is open-sourced, but a lot of it is.

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what happens in this feature?