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Run Reaction Platform on remote docker server


I’m trying to play with Reaction Platform on remote docker server (DigitalOcean) as I couldn’t be able to bootstrap the project on my local Windows based machine.
The compilation process runs as expected and I’m getting the following docker containers running

  • reaction-next-starterkit_web_1
  • reaction_mongo_1
  • reaction-hydra_hydra_1
  • reaction-hydra_postgres_1

Then trying to get into the storefront from the browser on port 4000
But there a lot of errors in the dev console such as
OPTIONS http://localhost:3000/graphql-alpha net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

And as a result nothing displayed.

Unfortunately, there is no clear documentation how to run the project on remote machine.
Anyone can help?


Kind of surprised that this hasn’t gotten any responses…and that the reaction commerce starter kit is so problematic to get up and running without issues.

FWIW, I was able to get the GraphQL errors to go away by modifying the reaction-platform/reaction-next-starterkit/.env external URLs that reference localhost to point to the remote host. Unfortunately, then there are additional issues after that, which make the front-end feel very alpha. For instance: with 2 products created, go into one, back to home, then into the other…you’ll get stack traces in the console and error pages ensure.

All of this was after fighting through the docker container permissions problems for both the reaction platform and the starter kit, which unfortunately both have open tickets related to those errors right now :confused:

These kinds of issues should be getting a bit more attention IMHO, as they can seriously steer folks away from the platform, despite how well put together some of the other parts are (e.g. admin interface). Great solution, but some serious impediments right now, despite the obvious amount of work that went into trying to make it easy to get started.