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Restarting RC server


every time I do a server restart, RC, i see “INFO Reaction: Initialize using reaction-sample-data”,
I thought it was only a one-time (first RC start) operation for DB populate by fixture data,


Its generally smart enough to not overwrite data thats already been populated. Also, we have some fixes in development that should address issues around data in the database getting overwritten by the fixture data on restart.


Maybe, need remove sample-data package? Is it still need?


That’s not all, please,
during start RC server i also see:
WARN Reaction: loadSettings reaction.json not loaded. [Error: Unknown asset: settings/reaction.json]

but in Configuration section of RC Doc i read:
Reaction uses private/data/reaction.json for the configuration of Reaction packages and Meteor.settings for initial administrator and server setup.
and reaction.json in setting and private/data is not present,
how to look at a example of reaction.json?


In private/settings there is a reaction.json.example

Which, as the name implies, is an example of what reaction.json should look like.


apparently, this configuration file duplicates the core settings in dashboard?
but there is no link between them.
then why reaction.json is tested on RC start and what is it for?


maybe, last question about RC start/restart :slight_smile:
what is “blank site” in RC start log?

INFO Reaction: Initializing /blank site/ core
08:55:43.227Z INFO Reaction: Initializing REACTION reaction-catalog
08:55:43.273Z INFO Reaction: Initializing /blank site/ reaction-catalog

if this is a second shop, where i can set up it?


It’s a second site to show the multi-site capabilities. However we have not expanded the dashboard UI yet to allow you to manage them there. But it is part of the schema/API


Fuh, dug up Shops.json in sample data :slight_smile:
Ok, thanks