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Hello @aaronjudd, I am exploring using RC for a new shopping cart that has mix of rental and one time purchase products. Would you have any suggestions on how to customize RC for rentals?

Appreciate your thoughts and thanks for all the good work on the RC.


@spencern and GetOutfitted have made a number of packages available for rental products. Check out, I think these should be useful for you take a look at.


Hi @Venkat - we’re currently renting products and are running on reaction at - as @aaronjudd pointed out, we’ve got a number of packages that we’ve developed to help with this purpose, feel free to poke around and ask any questions as they come up. While they are almost all open-sourced currently, they aren’t super friendly to users outside our org yet as we have a lot of undocumented assumptions and some backwards ways of doing certain things. Might provide a base or something for you to build off of though.