Relation between registry and Layout


I know registry and layout concepts separately.
But I am lost for the relation between them in a register.js file.

For example:[]

registry: [
route: “/about”,
name: “about”,
template: “aboutUs”,
workflow: “coreWorkflow”
layout: [{
layout: “coreLayoutBeesknees”,
workflow: “coreWorkflow”,
collection: “Products”,
theme: “default”,
enabled: true,
structure: {
template: “productsLanding”,
layoutHeader: “layoutHeader”,
layoutFooter: “layoutFooter”,
notFound: “productNotFound”,
dashboardHeader: “”,
dashboardControls: “dashboardControls”,
dashboardHeaderControls: “”,
adminControlsFooter: “adminControlsFooter”
} }

There is a new layout for this package which I can understand. “Registry” registers a new route “/about” which I can understand. Do they have any relation? When is the “layout” being used if it is not used in route of “Registry”?




Hey Derek,

It’s important to understand that the Registry is just a place for Package to register information about themselves. These can be all sorts of different things or nothing. The example plugin registers one route and also layouts. If you go through the tutorial chapters it covers what exactly those registry entries do.