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Recurrent payment


Hi everybody, I’m new to Reaction Commerce and to e-commerce world as well, so I apologize if I write something stupid!
Ok, I wanna build an ecommerce (like many others) and I want to offer to the customers the possibility to split the payments, for example if a product costs 1000€ the customers should be able to pay it in three payments.
In general, given a product I would like to define for it the total amounts, the number of payments and the distance between two payments.
I know that there isn’t such a feature, but I saw I can plug in payment providers that offer recurring payments.

So the question is: how would you deal with it? can you give some short advice on how to start?

Thank you very much,


Hello @elrasco - I believe what you need is will need custom coding. You’ll need to get it customised to make it work the way you want.