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Reaction Commerce Community Guidelines - Public Call for Comments



We have just published the initial “beta” version of our Community Guidelines. These include our Code of Conduct, Diversity Statement, Reporting Guide, FAQs, along with other supporting documentation. Everything is now accessible from the table of contents of our Docs. We’d love your feedback and comments.

Here are the next steps:

August 9-30, 2016
Initial “beta” version of our Community Guidelines published and open, public call for comments. Please share your comments here in our forums.

August 23, 2106
The Reaction Commerce, Inc. Board will establish the Code of Conduct Committee. We will update the Code of Conduct Committee page in the Guidelines to reflect the new committee members.

August 30, 2016
The first version of the Reaction Community Guidelines are finalized.

Please note: Like our docs, our Guidelines are expected to be living, breathing documents. Since this is the first version, we want to give a few weeks for feedback and comments before we finalize.

Again, we look forward to your comments and feedback. Thanks for being part of the Reaction community!

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