React-Native app


I am planning on using Reaction Commerce. But, first I would like to know if it offers some sort of API, to plug-in a mobile app. In this case I am planning on using React-Native to build the apps.

Ideally a Websocket connection, but others are possible:


Reaction exposes its entire API using Meteor’s DDP protocol (websockets). Literally 100% of what you can do in the Reaction UI can be done from any other UI via DDP. That includes calling Meteor methods, accessing data publications, and accessing/manipulating database collections (see connection argument). Also worth checking out…


So from your external app, you could do something like:

// establish a remote DDP connection
const Reaction = DDP.connect('');

// Now you can...

// Methods'anyReactionMethod', methodArgs, callback);

// Pub/Sub

// Collections
const MyCollection = new Mongo.Collection('anyReactionCollection', {
  connection: Reaction


Also see:


Cool! I’ll start working from here!


any plans to open-source it? ))