Questions need answers please


hi, I have some questions that let me make my website requirement customized well, I’ll add here and anyone know the answers just write question number and his answer.

1- in settings/reaction.json if I disable any package like “reaction-paypal, reaction-stripe …” it should whole the package disable from the website?

2- if I need show in product card the shop name, should I add the vendor to the card or something else?

3- how I can remove some product variant fields like Origin country, Compare at price …?

4- how I can to change the default options like make marketplace enabled by default after do reset I want to save my settings.

5- to remove plugins like payments, should I remove the folder from imports/plugins/includes or other is another way?

6- to enable settings/reaction.json should I run LoadSettings on startup to load the settings?

7- Inside Shops.json there is locales and contains “continents and countries”, used for what idon’s see where is used?

Sorry to ask a lot of questions, but this question very important to who need to make huge customization.