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Product not displaying in product listing

Hi after i created a product, the product listing in store operator does not update and shows “No products found”. The product i created exist because i’m even able to retrieve it from the store front. Please help, thanks.

Hi @Dev_Flx. Welcome to the Reaction Commerce community!

Did you make sure that your product is marked as published, as well as all at least one of its variants/options?

Hi thanks for getting back to me and yes ive tried. I tested using the old method which is using reaction-cli the one that is currently deprecated and seems to be working just fine. It’s only when i’m using the recent one where i installed via docker that the product listing is not displaying.

@Dev_Flx I would really advise against using reaction-cli. Could you please file an issue on the GitHub repository, including the MongoDB object of this product that won’t display? This would be really useful. Thanks!

I have the same issue:

is it something to do with the fact this query returns null.

query getViewer {
viewer {

@levi Try this. Using any MongoDB client, connect to your local database, open the Accounts collection and find your user in there. It’s likely missing provides: "default" in the emails array’s only object. If that’s the case, then manually add it in there.

I believe this bug was fixed and shouldn’t occur anymore if you update all of your Reaction services to the latest versions.