Product Images Sizes


Is there is specification on sizes of product images? Any best practices on how image should be?


Hi nuru,

at the time of writing, ReactionCommerce comes with 4 image sizes out of the box. When ImageMagick is installed, all uploaded images should be resized into those 4 formats.

These are:

  • image: “1000px x 1000px”
  • medium: “600px x 600px”
  • small: “235px x 235px”
  • thumbnail: “100px x 100px”

These formats will be used in different templates for displaying the product images in the browser. This means, that the original image should be at least 1000px x 1000px, but it will not be served directly to the client, AFAIK.

You’ll find the corresponding code in /lib/collections/collectionFS.js

Product images are not scalling

Hi Michael,

     Thanks for your response.
      Just trying to understand how photo upload process works together with imageamgick, is there any documentation or forum that you can direct me to.



Hi @nuru @prinzdezibel describes how to work with the CollectionFS and ImageMagick together to resize images.

More documentation from their wiki:


@machiko @prinzdezibel I have hosted my app on galaxy and I believe they don’t have imagemagick installed.
What is the way around in scenario where app is hosted on PAAS and I cannot install imagemagick?




Looks like Galaxy’s base image comes with imagemagick according to their docs:


@machiko Thanks.I will have to check why my images are not scaling accordingly


@nuru CollectionFS is using GraphicsMagick. This can be seen as drop-in replacement for ImageMagick AFAIK. Maybe your hoster also offers GraphicsMagick, then I’d use that, because I heard it’s faster.