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Preorders, Pre-orders, Pre orders?


My team is building an e-commerce platform that needs to be able to handle pre-orders and also to be able to track and display inventory for those (negative inventory?).

I’m shopping around for platforms and while I’m intrigued about Reaction, I didn’t see any mention of this in my cursory look over the docs, and it doesn’t seem like anyone has posted in the forums about it.

Is this possible using Reaction v1 and what would the flow look like if so?



How would a pre-order differ from an order exactly?


The goal is to have a pre-order / fundraising goal for new + prospective products.

So I would like to display say, 100 / 250 sold on the product description page.

As far as it differs from an order, I haven’t looked too much into specifics, but I suppose the ability to capture the payment information upon “preordering” but not actually charging the user or shipping until the quota has been reached or if the fundraising time limit has been exceeded, say, up to 2 months later?