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Order status labels is required


HI forum,

Can you please guide me why I get this error when I’m trying to send an invitation.

This is in Shop Tab.



It’s a bug.
In rc.10 edit file “\reaction\imports\plugins\core\orders\lib\extendShopSchema.js”
add optional: true to orderStatusLabels. It fix the “invite shop owner issue.”

import { Shop } from "/imports/collections/schemas";

 * @name Shop
 * @memberof Schemas
 * @type {SimpleSchema}
 * @property {Object} orderStatusLabels optional
  orderStatusLabels: {
    type: Object,
    blackbox: true,
    optional: true
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Excellent !

I had the same issue, and now that is solved:

reaction_1 | 10:21:35.810Z INFO Reaction: Created shop: nMLP7YHcnWq4zLbL7

But onward to the next issue: the enroll link that I receive on my test email lands me on the “Sign in” page. I then face the dilemma, this new account has no password set and I cannot set it.
I’ll create the next ticket for this.


Thanks it works, it can now send email to the user but next issue is when I tried to go the link given to my email it redirects me to login page which I’m not expecting because I don’t have password set yet.

Please help me to resolve this issue.