O2O Business Model



First of all, congrats to the ReactionCommerce Team to make this happen.
I am newbie here.
We are are starting to study and design a smart shopping Mall and we see that the hot topic and current trends of the shopping business are the convergence of Online and Offline : Click-and-Mortar, the Online to Offline (O2O) Business Model.

My question is how Reactioncommerce, as a next generation e-commerce platform, could help to implement this O2O business Model? Which features could help and which features are missing or to develop?

Thank you for your help.



Hi bmk,

my team is currently planning the implementation of an O2O solution with reactioncommerce. Having a reactive ecommerce solution, in my point of view, is a big plus for this kind of environment. In the “Offline” world things are constantly changing. Therefore building on a reactive ecommerce framework can keep the IT up to speed on what is happening “Offline”.

Most important Feature for O2O in my opinion is the Multi-Tenant Marketplace which is required to build one solution for multiple stores and thus crucial for connecting the “Offline” market.

@reactioncommerce: Can you share some insights into when you are planning to implement Multi-Tenant support?

Other plus features would be Revision Control to enable store owners working safely on their store items and Digital Products for upselling offline products in bundles.

@bmk Are you only conducting a study or do you consider starting a larger project for a mall?



Hi nenTi,

Thanks to comment.
Yes, it is very interesting as business model. For myself, I am designing a
mall with multi-tenant stores of course and with O2O business model by
Physical Web, Beacons, Mobile, Geolocation ( in brief some of basic
Internet of Things ).

Thank you.