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New example of custom plugin


I just shared a Reaction Commerce plugin example, with a custom home page, an image carousel and some styles.


I raally like the setup but the image resources will not load? in Safari Mac. Is the correct location /public/resources in the plugin/theme root? The resources only work when placed in the root level public folder? Is this suspected behavior



I had to copy to public folder in order to work.

If there is a way to work inside the plugin folder I don’t know yet.

I will update the code tomorrow with some fixes, related to config the footer in entire site, including product pages.



i have the same situation here to load images from the plugin itself, have you figure out the solution


i have found the solution

  1. create a folder named public under user plugin next-reaction
  2. place images under it (eg: img1.jpg, img2.jpg)
  3. then u can load images like
    <img src="/plugins/next-reaction/img1.jpg"/>
    have fun