Need Developers for Reaction Commerce Project


My company is looking to launch the e-commerce part of our business using Reaction Commerce.
I am a developer myself, but very new to Reaction Commerce so I am reaching out looking for anyone
who might be interested in helping us develop plugins and themes for an MVP in the short term and a production release in the slightly longer term.

List of features we need for MVP:

  1. Marketplace functionality
  2. Integration with 3rd party delivery API
  3. Ability to import shops from a 3rd party API
  4. Delivery address validation

If this sounds interesting to you feel free to get in touch!


Hi John,

Sounds interesting, and something that is right up my alley…
Feel free to me email me the details on

Best Wishes,


Hey I’d love to help. I’ve personalized a couple of reactions before. Send an email me and I’ll send you the links. I’ve added payment services, multi-vender capabilities, memberships, google maps api, 360 videos, separated orders for vendores, appointments for services and many other functionalities. Please contact me at My website is also a reaction commerce –



We are interested. You can know about us at Meteor & Reaction Commerce expert available for your projects

You can contact us at
Sanjay Kumar