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Multi vendor marketplace

Hi there

I am looking for hiring a full stack developer or a company to help us to costmize the reaction ecommerce in the last stable version

  • has knowledge how to set up reaction in first place in Amazone AWS or similler service
    *Can setup the the payment gateway
    *Can add to the web app other languages RTL
    *Can take care of the PWA

Our project is multi vendor marketplace

Please contect me at


The latest and current reaction commerce version doesn’t support multi vendor marketplace.

Hi, why is Reaction Commerce no longer supporting multi-vendor marketplaces?

Is it feasible for me to build my own custom solution around Reaction 3?

Reaction Commerce has recently changed their plans and now they are no longer targeting Multivendor eCommerce.

It will be too time-consuming to add multi-vendor functionality in Reaction Commerce. There are other tools available. You can contact me using with your requirement and then I’ll be able to suggest you some tools which will be useful for you.

Definitely doable as the multi-shop architecture is there to support it. It will take a bit of efforts, but still less than building a marketplace from scratch. Overall, I think RC is still a good base to start a marketplace with. Just be aware that it’s more of a developer framework than a do-it-all, ready-made platform.

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Yes, lately I just back home, And we started to see the possibility to work together, 30k we all agreed was to high price, I know the project should be around that, We just contact many companies that they can go with way less 30k with reaction or other possible solutions

Can you please check this pdf and tell me if there any possibility to go around 20k or less for this project?

(Attachment eNzean Project.pdf is missing)

Hi Wai ,
I can check the project pdf attached with your post.
Please check your inbox for email sent

Looking forward to your reply