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Looking to build a special Multi-Vendor-Marketplace

Hello dear developers,

my name is Max and I came across this amazing Reaction Commerce on my search for a flexible solution fitting my Multi-Vendor-Marketplace concept.
It looks promising but my team is not big and although working with a PhD in Computer Science our programming knowledge is basic. :slight_smile:
But a JavaScript based system is what we value the most.
I guess I’m in good company!

Little more about the project:
As said it is a Multi-Vendor-Marketplace with elements of Multi-Level-Marketing.
It will require connections between customers and customers.
All user-accounts start out as customer-accounts and will be extendable to vendor-accounts.
Internal E-Wallets and an extra level of customer/vendor identification has to be added.
Ideally we can provide many kind of products (physical, digital, services, tickets)
The implementation of the marketplace will be for Germany and Europe at first.

Most elements are not too complicated to realize but hey… you are the professionals :wink:

First: Is it possible to realize the project utilizing the Reaction Commerce API?
Second: Can you make it possible?

We have to be frank. Funds are limited at this stage and being idealists its more about the future promise then present riches.
So if you go into the higher tens of thousands we will not be able to entertain you.

But time is not pressing, so if you are not very familiar with Reaction Commerce (especially 3.0) but want to learn on the job, you are welcome too!

Anyone interested in helping us and eager for details about the project and its requirements, please write me an Email:

Very much looking forward to endeavor on this with you!



I would like to assist you with this work.
please get connect me for further discussion.


Hi Max ,
I read your post, interested further
Please check inbox


Hi @O-Max

I understand your requirement and will be glad to assist you for this amazing task .

Pm sent please check

please reach me out through skype : cis.am3 or email me at


I would like to ask from Reaction Commerce team whether it’s a good idea to develop marketplace using Reaction Commerce or not. Now Reaction Commerce is no longer a Marketplace app. To develop Marketplace features inside it will need a lot of efforts. It might be a good idea to built on top of another Marketplace app/tool. I might be wrong. Do let me know your views.

Sanjay Kumar

I am also interested in this. Reaction Commerce like a free and mature e-commerce platform. If anyone has attempted something similar to a marketplace, I’d love to know the estimated level of effort.

Hi @dhazeley

I can help

please reach me out through Skype : cis.am3 or email me at

Frank J