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Looking for a developer with proven experience


We’re looking for a developer who has experience setting up Reaction Commerce.

It would be a simple record shop, selling CDs and Vinyl.

We’re currently adding our records manually to discogs ( famous website for selling records )

Our natural next step would be to have our own shop online so we could sell to users directly.

We thought about having a Reaction Commerce that automatically sync the inventory with our discogs, for instance when we add a record to discogs it automatically ads to our shop or vice-versa.

Discogs currently have an API and also node.js library which can be used for the integration.

We’re very small ( It’s basically 2 friends running the shop ) and both of us have day jobs.

I personally have a lot of experience with node.js and meteor, but unfortunately, when trying to set up the shop myself on a droplet on Digital Ocean I wasn’t able to start the shop, there are some errors ( which I reported on github ).

Also, when possible, we would like to have the ability to preview the tracks. Often on discogs they show youtube videos with the tracks from the record, that would be a great start, specially if we could automatically fetch them from discogs API or from youtube using the metadata from the record.

Some shops have their own small mp3 snippets that play on their player ( for instance: ), that could be a feature to add later if the youtube solution turns out to not be good enough.

Please get in touch via email: ideally providing a link to a shop you have already set online.

Thank You very much.


I can help. Please check PM.

Jennifer J

Hello there

I would like to assist you with this work.

Please get connect with me on Skype or Email to discuss further.


Skype- live:linneajones

Hi we would love to help you please DM me your requirement

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