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Lets Collaborate - Javascript Army from Chennai

Dear Fellow Developers and CEOs,



I am Sundar, 25+ years of experience in Software development, 15 years in Wipro Technology (India’s top 5 software organization), 5 years worked in the USA in Project Management Position, 4 years as CEO of a software organization.

My Proposal:

Successfully we are delivering projects using Reaction Commerce. Also,
We have a strong team of Java Script developers (ReactJS, Angular, Node). We can fulfill your developmental needs remotely and immediately. Clean code is our commitment. Given a chance, we will explain our ability to serve your needs @ Competitive price from India.

We understand collaboration is very critical while working remotely, so we are ready to overlap our working times (shift time) to have more face time.

For the detailed proposal, success stories contact

Looking forward to hearing from you!