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Labels not showing after reaction update



After updating Reaction to the most recent version today, and running my existing project again, many areas of the shop had texts missing. For example - the Add to Cart text, Dashboard menu labels, labels in the product creation area etc (see attached image for an example).

It also seems to be impossible to actually add items to cart. There might be additional problems as well, but it was difficult to test anything due to the missing texts.
I tried installing a new reaction project, but the problem persisted in that one as well.

Do you have any ideas why this is happening?


Yes. There is an issue with an upstream package (i18next). For now to revert back to the old version change this line in package.json

    "i18next": "^7.0.1",


    "i18next": "7.0.1",

(notice the removal of the tilde)

Then do a reaction reset and remove and reinstall modules (in other words, say Yes)


Thank you!

Everything works fine now.