Just released a Product Review plugin for Reaction Commerce


One thing I always felt was missing from Reaction Commerce was product reviews. Since it’s a feature that most of my clients ask for, I wrote a plugin that handles it in a very simple and effective way.

The stars act as a simple indicator of a product’s rating, but double as a selector for customers to submit their own reviews. Who is allowed to submit reviews is determined by the settings, accessible via a dedicated pane in the admin sidebar.

When current user isn’t allowed to submit a review, hovering the stars simply won’t do anything.

One last thing, this plugin leverages the Schema.org AggregateRating spec, which plays a big role in SEO for e-commerce websites. It essentially allows Google’s crawler bot to parse the review data on your site’s PDP and display the rating straight on the search results.

Any contribution is greatly appreciated! Feature requests are welcome in GitHub Issues. I’m already planning to add ReCAPTCHA and a comment field.

Please star the repo if you like this plugin. :star2:


Very useful package. Thanks for sharing @loanlaux