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Javascript updates not reloading: Windows 10? [Solved]


After completing the customization steps to change the background color of the appBar, refreshing the page does not refresh with the change;

const theme = createMuiTheme({
overrides: {
// Override styles for the Starter kit header
SkHeader: { // Name of the component
appBar: { // Class name to override
backgroundColor: “red” // Property to add or override

Instead, in order to get the page to “refresh,” I need to stop all of the containers using “make stop,” restart them all using “make start,” and restart Docker for Windows (from the hidden icon tray). Then, after making sure all of the containers are still up, and "make start"ing again if any are not, I can do a fresh load of the page which reflects the change, which takes over a minute to load.

Has anyone else encountered this problem?
Does anyone have ideas on where I might look for a solution?

I’m wondering if this is another challenge associated with file mounting because in Windows Subsystem for Linux it is “mnt/c” instead of just “c”? However, currently the commands “ls -la /c” and “ls -la /mnt/c” both show the same directory structure because I have permanently mounted them as such in my .bashrc file.

I am also wondering whether this may have something to do with container stability. Although, after increasing the memory availability to 6GB, the containers have been relatively stable (aside from “make start” not always starting all five containers the first time).


So, slight update on the issue (without resolution).

I still have to stop and start all of my containers for the simple color change to reflect in my browser window (I am testing on both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge). After I restart all of the containers, it takes approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds before the color change is reflected in the browser.


I found a consistent solution to this “issue.” It turns out that the only container that needs to be re-started to reflect changes is “reaction-next-starterkit_web.” By adding the Docker extension to my Visual Studio Code application, I am able to restart this single container by going to the Docker tab, right-clicking the container name, and selecting “Restart Container.”

Using this method, the page refresh delay is about 30-40 seconds.