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Items preventing us from adopting Reaction

At a point in time where we must evaluate whether we should start learning Reaction or Magento 2 and these are the main blockers:

  1. Very limited discount functionality. In Magento 1 and 2 you can set discounts based on sku, shipping destination, attribute values, date ranges, customer groups and so much more. None of our existing e-commerce clients coupon functionality from Magento 1 appears possible in Reaction. You can set special prices per product in each variant for a set date range in Magento as well.

  1. General alpha feeling of admin panel. When checking tags you cannot uncheck them. Sometimes when linking products to a tag it will link to an existing one and sometimes make a new one, even when using autocomplete.

  2. You can’t import tax rates which would make updating an entire states zips take forever.

  3. No filtering of products in backend, or frontend.

Please fix these and add a more robust sale functionality. I’d much rather use Reaction over Magento 2.

I agree, there is a thousand reasons, no multisite, multi tenancy as well. It really doesnt have a lot of functionality at all. For me, when you set up for variations you can build these automatically through attributes and attribute value/pairs. This doesnt seem to exist