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Is RC a good fit for virtual goods store?



I am currently in the process of evaluating different solutions for my online store.

I would like to know if Reaction Commerce would be a good fit for a virtual goods store (specifically software)?

Here are the key points of my specific scenario, to hopefully give you a better idea of the functionality that I need:

  • I need my customers to be able to register on the store, so they always have a quick access of the products they purchased without the need to go through their inbox;
  • Purchasing a product should provide 2 things to customer:
    • Download link for the product that would only work for authenticated sessions;
    • A product key should be permanently extracted from a pool of keys (uploaded to the store as part of the product’s release) and assigned to the customer.

Your help is much appreciated.

Nikolay Tsenkov


  • So far, I’ve found this repo which, I suppose, provides a starting point to implement downloads (and respectively upload and storage).


Hello @tsenkov,

Virtual goods are not supported out of box. For that checkout process, email templates etc needed to be customised. The process to allow to upload the software/zip/image needed to be created. But yes, it’s possible with Reaction Commerce.