Integrate Reaction with Drupal 8


From what I have seen Reaction looks like a promising ecommerce platform. We are currently looking for a solution that works together with Drupal 8. There is Drupal Commerce but besides its missing a lot of features right now, it also doesn’t look as slick as Reaction. We are willing to develop a (free open source) module ourselves for the integration, but I am mostly wondering if it would be a relative easy task to integrate Reaction with a different backend.

Has it been set-up so we could easily replace the backend storage? I envision it would still support the front-end editing of Reaction, but storing the data in Drupal nodes/entities through API’s for example. I noticed the possibilities for collection hooks that seem to be an easy direction to follow. Am I right there? Would it be possible to ‘simply’ implement all collection hooks and synchronize them to/from Drupal?

For now I would just need someone to point me in the right direction so I can do some more research on the possibilities. Thanks!


It might be worth explaining why you need this, as there are many routes for integration.

But maybe you just want a good front end, in which case you can use Facebook’s react.js (same as reactioncommerce) or Angular 2.

I don’t think it would be worth changing the backend, as the reaction backend is a NoSQL db and meteor has a front end caching system. (It would be sensible to leave all that working code alone).

You can apparently access everything by an API, so you can run the reaction store normally with a separate db etc… and then have your drupal system connect via the API to gather whatever info you would like. and you could set it up so you have your normal site like and your store at


It is not that I want to use Drupal because I think it is better in performance or anything. It is just that Reaction lacks a powerful CMS (for a good reason), that is where Drupal comes in. Many of our customers want to promote their brand first; the webshop does not have the biggest focus. They sell products through resellers (retail) mostly. This requires us to create a website for both a regular CMS and a webshop. Integration is key there. Of course you could separate the two but there are always good reasons to have a full integration. Think of having one backend for the maintainers, showing products on brand pages and vice versa. You just want to bring that brand experience over to your product pages and our customer needs to be able to change that brand experience every season as well.


I think you might be interested to know that integration with Drupal is on our short-term road map. Not sure if it will be soon enough for you but one of the ways we are approaching CMS is through this integration.


That sounds interesting indeed. I am looking for a long-term solution, so there is no deadline for me.

I will keep an eye on the progress and try to contribute where possible.


The Roadmap now lists Content Management as “next”. @brent could you clearify in which direction this is going to go? I could not find any active feature request/branch and would love to have a look either way.


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