Install issue on windows 10 reaction-cli


I have followed instructions given on official site to setup app on my windows 10 machine.

reaction init - is successful > then i did cd reaction/ then “reaction run”

but when I do “reaction run” I am getting following message.

This CLI tool has been deprecated in favor of the reaction-cli Node module.
More info at

You can install it by running:

npm install -g reaction-cli

Then you can see the usage info by running ‘reaction --help’

Note: reaciton -v

Node: 4.2.4
NPM: 5.0.3
Meteor Node: 4.8.2
Meteor NPM: 4.5.0
Reaction CLI: 0.9.3


maybe you try to run ./reaction instead of reaction?


Nope, definitely not that. The script at ./reaction will only tell you to install the correct CLI from npm (the error message he already received).

And that behavior makes no sense considering reaction -v and reaction init appear to work, but reaction run falls back to the local bash script. I do love me some Windows.

I would usually assume this was a PATH environment variable issue, but that’s probably not the case if the rest of the commands work. So I don’t know what to suggest. If it continues to be a problem, you could just delete the bash script in the root of the project.


Lol my english, I mean that he should run reaction instead of ./reaction I’m exactly facing into serious (other) problems in windows and if you let windows auto-complete rea it’s convert it to: ./reaction so maybe this is his problem…
reaction in project dir working great for me.