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Image upload Error!


When i upload/drag and drop an image to a product i get this error.

I run it on windows. Any ideas?

Thank you!


Haven’t seen this… Is the image really large? (2MB+)?


No. 500-800kb the images that i used.


Well anyway. It will be deployed on ubuntu server. Hope it will work fine there.


@krestt - not sure what’s causing your error, we’re deployed on ubuntu 14.04 and are able to upload images just fine. Ubuntu shouldn’t be an issue.


Maybe imagemagick is required for this?? I saw in docs that it was optional. So i haven’t installed it.
Also, collectionFS, isn’t it deprecated?

Is it right to use it??

Thank you.


Yes, imagemagick is required for image-processing.

We are aware that CollectionFS is deprecated (in the sense that it is no longer maintained). We have been approached by the maintainer to take it over and we are weighing other options that might be simpler for our relatively simple use-case. In the mean time, it still continues to work for us.