Ideas to improve initial page loading time and performance in general


Here are some ideas to consider

  • Implementing some kind of universal rendering like Next.js should lead to much faster initial page loads.
    A simple example of agnostic rendering for meteor applications can be found here:
  • Use dynamic module loading to cut down size of initial JavaScript chunk.
  • Use pure React components to prevent re-rendering components that have not changed
  • Get rid of unnecessary/redundant NPM/Meteor packages


Yesterday @aaronjudd posted the following in another topic:

Link to all the issues labeled with performance:

  • Server Side Render

would also help on the initial visit on the site. It is already a while in development but there were no changes or updates since 05.02.2017 as far as I can see, so I don’t know the current state.


Hi @prinzdezibel @ValidRobot

The Core team met on Friday to discuss the game plan for the Performance sprint.

Follow along in this mega-ticket:

Glad to see that we’re on the same page about most of your points:

We’re also working on upgrading to Meteor 1.6, setting up Kadira for better performance monitoring + benchmarking.

Follow along in the issue and let us know if you have any more ideas we should look into.