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I started reaction-next-starterkit_web, but i cannot login with oauth2 error


after start reaction-next-starterkit_web, then i access localhost:4000, that works.
but when i click login, show the following:

The OAuth2 request resulted in an error.

  • Error: invalid_client
  • Description: Client authentication failed (e.g., unknown client, no client authentication included, or unsupported authentication method)
  • Hint: The requested OAuth 2.0 Client does not exist.
  • Debug:

You are seeing this default error page because the administrator has not set a dedicated error URL (environment variable OAUTH2_ERROR_URL is not set). If you are an administrator, please read the guide to understand what you need to do. If you are a user, please contact the administrator.

I create the client as the guide said, then reaction(localhost:3000) can work, but has nothing with

anyone can help me resolve this problem and tell me the reason?

1,after make start all system, docker seize 13+G memory.
2, I hope team can improve that toturial doc or provide some best practice.
3, in the doc, home.js should be
import HomePage from “…/custom/components/HomePage”;
import HomePage from “/custom/components/HomePage”;

hope reaction can help me build my own shop faster than before.


i config .env file, but now i get error

  • Hint: The “redirect_uri” parameter does not match any of the OAuth 2.0 Client’s pre-registered redirect urls.
    how to fix it?