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I have only meteor1.3 on my pc, can I install reaction on it without much trouble? Or any instructions about how to install it on meteor1.3?


As title said, does reaction compatible with meteor1.3 ?

If currently it doesn’t supprt meteor1.3, how can I run reaction on my computer with less effort?


Reaction is currently running 1.2.1, but 1.3 support will be coming soon. You don’t need to do anything to use 1.2.1 though. You can have multiple versions of Meteor on your computer. The correct version of Meteor will download and run any time you start a Meteor app.

The Meteor version is always specified in the .meteor/release file.


Thank you jeremy,
I’ll install meteor 1.2.1 and have a try.


If it’s not already installed, just running Reaction will install if for you. No manual steps required.


Got it, thanks again!